Gambling is considered a concern if players cannot stop playing, even if it hurts or they decide they need to stop playing. The above negative effects can be seen as signs and symptoms of problem gambling, among other causes.

Gambling singapore online casino illness affects nearly all facets of the life of a person and may thus be very diverse. signs. We have thus opted to separate them into the following groups. You will be taken to this article section, which explains the symptoms described in more depth, by clicking either of the links below.

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Symptoms related to money

  • Losing large sums of gaming money
  • Want to make a lot of money (for a multitude of reasons, ranging from selfish incentives, to needing money to take care of other people)
  • Play before all has been lost
  • Aim to get money lost before
  • The need to raise bets to get the same gaming thrill
  • You have to lease money to play
  • I don’t want to waste money on something else, to use it to play
  • To commit offences to finance gambling

Symptoms consistent with time

  • Gambling takes an increasingly long period
  • Play longer than planned or expected
  • Don’t have enough time for other gambling events, friends, relatives or jobs
  • Symptoms connected to job
  • Lack of work due to play
  • Reduced work performance and concentration
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feel remorse after the game

Issue gamblers sometimes believe their way of playing trusted online casino Singapore has a detrimental affect on their life (but certainly not always), but they don’t often think this feeling is enough to keep them playing. In these cases addiction is much more than the urge to quit, which is why this is one of the key signs of problem gambling and why it was separately stated in the above description.

This is due to an extra symptom of gambling problem, the sense of guilt when playing. This may have been experienced by you. After playing for some time, you know that you’re wrong and you feel sad. you lose your money.

Wasting of money

The wasting of a lot of money is one of the many signs of playful addiction. And people who never gambled in their life are completely clear. However, money-related gambling problems go far deeper.

During the early phases of growth of gambling addiction the will to earn money is also present. Some people dream of a big triumph that will transform their life, others just want to reach ahead and use gambling as a way to do so. However, such a strategy is particularly controversial and should at all costs be avoided.

Other forms of gambling 

You may also be aware that casino games (and other forums of gambling) are prepared for the casino if you read any of our other posts. You are still in disadvantage and can’t win in the long run. A good one-off victory could be earned and also serves as a “hook” in the hope of being fortunate again.

But more often than not, the reverse is true. Issue gamblers also play until they lose everything they can lose. They are attempting to win back their lost money, only to find a deeper trap. And as it happens, it is becoming more difficult to “escape”